A Showboat concert cruise is one of the very best ways to spend a spring or summer evening in Oklahoma City. Featuring some of Oklahoma’s premier local artists and diverse genres, Showboat cruises are fundraising events, with net proceeds benefitting the Bricktown Canal area improvement efforts of ArtAfloatOKC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

While not a project funded by ArtAfloatOKC, the “Poles Apart” mixed media installation on the Wanda Jackson Bridge is a prototype of the TYPE of project ArtAfloatOKC intends to pursue. “Poles Apart” was funded by Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership’s Artist Initiatives program, in cooperation with the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Department of Parks and Recreation.

“Poles Apart” (2021) was coordinated and lit using dynamic LED installation by True Facade artists Nathan Hendrix and Stephen Tyler, while associated facing murals “GROW” (pictured) by Tiffany McKnight  and “FULLER CUBES” by Kyle Van Osdol were installed using polymer material. During Fall 2022 these murals were permanently replaced by a new solo painted installation by Tiffany McKnight (photo coming).

Other ArtAfloatOKC-funded artistic interventions will include the performing arts, beginning with live music via the Showboat Concert Series and ultimately extending to other presentations – not only on boats but throughout the entire canal area – including music, drama, spoken word and other types of live performance.

Besides official endeavors, area partners such as Bricktown Water Taxi will pursue private efforts that closely align with the goals of ArtAfloatOKC, such Water Taxi’s privately-funded project to reimagine its iconic boats via onboard murals in partnership with Oklahoma Mural Syndicate.

In March of 2022, ArtAfloatOKC was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization status by the IRS. All donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

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ArtAfloatOKC marks a new chapter in the life of Bricktown Canal, built in 1999 as a part of Oklahoma City’s original MAPS projects. This new, combined effort is led by downtown partners and stakeholders who are committed to promoting an ever-changing environment and palette, featuring Oklahoma-based artistic excellence.

ArtAfloatOKC specifically represents a concerted effort to bring new and inspiring artistic interventions to the Bricktown Canal via the visual and performing arts. These will include (but are not limited to) murals and other visual art within the canal area, dynamic (and occasionally interactive) lighting and technological displays, and even artistically themed horticultural installations.

"The Showboat Concert Series, hosted by ArtAfloatOKC, is one of our favorite experiences we've done since moving to Oklahoma City!"
-Ashley L.

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